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Sail in Turkey, Start in Greece! Here’s an Easy Solution, a Great Idea!

Sail in Turkey, Start in Greece! Here’s an Easy Solution, a Great Idea!

If you have your heart set on a gulet charter holiday in Turkey; yet undecided to fly into any of the airports then transfer to a coastal airport. There is a simple and easy solution. With Turkey’s Greek neighbors nearby the coastal waters, travellers can enjoy the amazing turquoise coast still. All they need to do is either fly into Rhodes or Kos, Greece airports. Start or end your journey from either port, and enjoy your blue cruise charter in Turkey.  There are no delivery fees for transferring the Turkish gulets to Greece harbors. The only cost is the harbor and customs fees in Rhodes and / or Kos. The rest of the Turkish municipal port costs are included in the gulet charter prices.

#sailaegean start in greece sail in turkey
#sailaegean start in greece sail in turkey

So there you have it. Gulet holidays in Turkey are a vacation in paradise – as are the stunning Greek Dodecanese islands – picturesque towns, local cuisine, turquoise bays and coves, and more.

Another advantage starting from Rhodes or Kos is that there are frequent flights during the summer holiday season at reasonable rates most of the time. Do check with your travel agent or online for flight prices.

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