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Private Yacht Charter Turkey 3 Top Nightlife Destinations

Private Yacht Charter Turkey 3 Top Nightlife Destinations

As a part of your private yacht charter Turkey vacation, you may be the type of group that enjoys a good nightlife. While during the day you may prefer to sleep in and wake up when your body is ready, lounge about, go for a reviving swim, and feast on fresh foods from the kitchen on board. Your chef is always pleased to feed you, and the crew excited to serve you during your holidays.

There is also the opportunity in going ashore to see the sights of the nearby town or village, maybe even fitting in a lovely historical tour and visiting other places of interest, unique to wherever you have dropped your anchor. You and your group might also like to visit the local shops for an lovely shopping experience – picking up souvenirs to take back home. Once you have fulfilled your day with all these wonderful things to do and places to see, a trip back on board for a relaxed tea and biscuits or before dinner drink may give you back the energy spent from the day. The energy that might be needed for some night time fun and entertainment.

Depending on your planned itinerary, there are many lively places located along the shores of the Carian coast. The livest harbors in Southern Turkey on the Mediterranean side of ancient Caria are Marmaris and Fethiye.  If your travels are in the Aegean, don’t miss out on the chance to have a fantastic time in Bodrum. Nightlife at its best.

There are designated places for night clubs in both Marmaris and Bodrum. They actually call them ‘Bar Street’.  You can easily go  bar hopping or club hopping until you find the one that you like the most.  The Bar Street in Marmaris is located one street over from the harbor where your yacht would have dropped anchor – so no taxis are required.  On a night like this, you could choose to have your dinner on board in the harbor or visit one of the lovely restaurants that line the harbor of Marmaris. Then go out for a fabulous time just a street up and dance the night away.

The city of Bodrum is world famous for offering some of the best night clubs found in Southern Turkey.  Some places to check out if you are in this lively city is the Yacht Club situated by the marina. It offers two restaurants and four bars with live jazz and latin music available during the summer months. An alternative for a calming night out could be a visit to the cocktail bar and rooftop bar with an amazing view overlooking the St. Peters castle and Bodrum marina.  The largest open air night club known in Europe is located in Bodrum; called the Halikarnas located right by the Bodrum castle.  It is also known to be the loudest. There is a unique place called the Club Catamaran also located by the castle and features a glass dance floor where you can see the water below.

The narrow streets are alive in Bodrum at nighttime and the atmosphere amazing. During this time of the night, in the summer you will also find that some shops are open late hours. So you might like to splurge on a bit of shopping too. Again you won’t need a taxi if you’re out for some fun at night as your yacht will be anchored at the marina.

Just like the Marmaris and Bodrum region, Fethiye is boasting with historical places to see. However unlike the marina and harbor of the other two places, night time entertainment with night clubs and bars is mainly found in the Hisaronu region of Fethiye. But once you are there, it is like a whole town full of nothing but clubs, bars and live music. So with a short drive via taxi, you can be a part of the exciting nighttime fun.  But if you don’t want to go far and stay within the main city limits, the centre of the city offers a  selection of bars that later turn into discos too.

Depending on the type of crazy and not so crazy nightlife you are looking for, each of these fantastic harbors offer an excellent choice of nighttime entertainment for you to choose from!  For the top 3 nightlife destinations, why not choose one or all for your private yacht charter Turkey holidays this season!

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