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The More The Merrier. It’s Cheaper That Way.

This is true. It is possible. You don’t have to share in order to enjoy a private gulet cruise. There are shared gulet cruises where you are on board with other guests from different parts of the globe. But if you prefer to be together with your own group, for the same price if not at times cheaper – depending on the gulet and the time of year, it can be done.

gulet Koca Yusuf I in Marmaris harbor / August 2013
gulet Koca Yusuf I in Marmaris harbor / August 2013

The average cabin charter can start anywhere from 600 Euros per person with basic meals included. Hypothetically if your group totals 16, this would amount to 9600 Euro in total for the week. A private yacht charter in Turkey can be arranged, with meals included for this price (however depending on the time of year).

So the more you are, the cheaper your private gulet cruise can work out to be.



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