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Which Island Group Is Ideal For Your Greece Yacht Charter Holiday

Many of the islands in Greece are uniquely stunning and offer much for travelers to enjoy throughout the year. Divided by island groups and seas, each region presents conditions for a variety of styles. Whether you enjoy plenty of sailing opportunities or prefer calm waters and secludes bays, or areas where nightlife is at its best; there are itineraries which cater to a variety of pleasures.

The main regions to choose from include the Ionian islands in the Ionian sea; famed for the island of Corfu. Further into the Aegean, starting from Athens are the Argo-Saronic islands – otherwise known as the peloponnese coast.  Additional choice is the renown central Aegean sea, where the Cyclades islands include windy Mykonos and sensational Santorini.  For those wishing to feel closer to the Turkish coast, the Dodecanese islands are a favorite, famous for the islands if Rhodes, Symi and Kos. Lastly the Sporades islands – a beautiful region filled with unspoiled nature and white sandy beaches might just be the idyllic atmosphere you are seeking for your holidays.

Greece 90 ft traditional boat charter
Greece 90 ft traditional boat charter

All these islands possess plenty of historical ruins and archeaological sites to visit. The allure goes further with the plethora of beaches and bays – both quiet as well as bustling, entertaining and adventureous. Combined with an array of cultures and cuisines, influenced from past civilizations – a Greek Island yacht charter vacation allows for much to discover and enjoy.

For travelers interested in exploring the Ionian islands of Greece and not particular about experiencing strong winds during high season, a one week itinerary could include the islands of Corfu, Paxos, Lefkada, Kefalonia, Ithaki, and Parga. However you don’t have to limit your Eastern Mediterranean yacht charter holiday with a week as there are many more desirable islands which can be included for a two week itinerary.

secluded bay - Ithaca Island in the Ionians
secluded bay – Ithaca Island in the Ionians

If you’ve set your minds on seeing those famous Santorini sunsets, then a one week itinerary into the Cyclades would be your ideal route to plan. The islands to be a part of this week long journey at sea could be Paros, Kameras, Folegandros, Santorini and Amorgos. Again, this route can be extended to offer two full weeks of sailing enjoyment.

Greek Island boat charters to Mykonos island in the Cyclades
Greek Island boat charters to Mykonos island in the Cyclades

Rhodes Greece offers something special for everyone. Quiet and secluded beaches, exciting nightlife, plenty of shopping opportunities, and plenty of little islands just of the coast. Just the island itself could possibly create a whole weeks’ itinerary. But of course, there are many more magnificent islands in the Dodecanese to visit. Should you wish to have a change in culture, the Turkish coastline is a mere few hours away! Other islands that could peak your traveling interests during a one week trip might be to visit colorful Symi – a true little treasure of paradise. Then there is Kalymnos, Nisiros, Tilos, and Halki.

Dodecanese island Kos in Greece
Dodecanese island Kos in Greece

After the Ionians, Cyclades and Dodecanese, we are left with two more groups; The Sporades and the Argo-Saronic islands. These regions are easily accessibly with your private Greek island yacht charter from Athens.

Skiathos Island - Sporades - Greece
Skiathos Island – Sporades – Greece

Itinerary options are many. Discussing your interests with your charter agent may prove to create the route, plan and organization for a very memorable and exciting holiday in the unforgettable ancient islands of Greece.



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