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Greece Island Gulet Cruises Starting from Rhodes

While many already know that the best selection of charter gulets are based in Turkish waters, it is very possible to enjoy these vessels and the holidays they offer in the Greek islands too – especially when they neighbor Turkey’s picturesque coastline so closely.  Flights to Rhodes via Athens or other direct connections are available and make for a simple 20 minute trip to port via a prearranged airport transfer.  You might even like to arrive a few days before you embark on your gulet trip and explore the stunning island of Rhodes.  There are many things you can do and areas to discover, starting with the Old Town and the popular Lindos beach – among many others.

Rhodes Acropolis of Lindos panoramic - facing south over Mesogeios Thalassa
Rhodes Acropolis of Lindos panoramic – facing south over Mesogeios Thalassa

The gulet route beginning in Rhodes can be organized to end in Rhodes or for one way trip, end in Kos.  Either one will most likely include the charming islands of Chalki, Symi, Tilos, Nisiros, and Gyali.

But if you wish to explore the Turkish coastline, yet fly into a Greek coastal airport, this is possible too. The good thing about the distances between Turkish and Greek waters is that there are no boat delivery fees if the ports tie in well without causing any delays in the booking schedule. For example if a gulet ends its charter in Marmaris, it is possible to send the gulet to Rhodes for your charter trip.

Turkish gulets in Symi Island Greece
Turkish gulets in Symi Island Greece

Planning a private gulet charter this summer?  Go ahead and contact a charter consultant – they’ll easily be able to guide, plan, and organize your special gulet holidays at sea!



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