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Santorini Cyclades Yacht Charter

Once ranked as the world’s best island, Santorini is an exciting holiday destination, situated in the Cyclades group of island in Greece. Other than being famed for its tourism popularity, Santorini is famous for its white eggplants (sweet enough to eat raw) and sweet tomatoes, and yellow cucumbers, due to its volcanic ash soil, climate and ecology.  It is also known for its sweet and strong desert wine.

As one of the most ancient islands dating back millions of years, Santorini has a unique landscape with remains after an enormous volcanic explosion.  Also referred to as Thira, this crescent shaped island is where Cousteau once looked for the lost city of Atlantis.  Through time, after multiple eruptions, approximately every 20,000 years, has created a large crater called the Caldera from the central part of the island.

The island for romantics, Santorini is rated one of the world’s most popular islands in Greece to get married. Also famous for its sunsets, this volcanic island, located in the middle of the sea, is allurement worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime.  Sitting atop the Caldera, Santorini offers much to enjoy in panoramic views.  There is a little bit of everything for many types of travelers.

Places more cosmopolitan or peaceful, it is here for all to enjoy. Archaeological ruins, flavors of the culture, restaurants, cafes and local shopping are some of the places to visit and see in Santorini. Best of all are the beaches and turquoise waters Santorini is also renown for – sandy beaches in colors of white, red or black with lunar landscapes, volcanic pebbles and fascinating rock formations. Why not explore a luxury yacht charter holiday in one of the world’s most popular islands in the Aegean. Yacht charter holidays are available from Turkey as well, when you embark from Bodrum. Please inquire for details.

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