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Destination Ideas for your Private Boat Rental Mediterranean Holidays in 2013

Tropical destinations are a delightful way to spend your quality time away from home with family and friends. It’s a way to bond, share, live different experiences that leave memories to cherish for a lifetime. While you could go on a selected tour and see all sorts of exciting places by land, there is a fantastic alternative to make the most out of your vacations overseas. One such idea that bodes well with the young and young at heart are boat rental Mediterranean vacations. Located quite centrally among the many countries in the Med, is Southern Turkey. It’s a country boasting with alluring natural beauty, along with a vast history and diverse culture.  Every bay, cover, harbor that is a part of a charming fishing village, coastal town or seaside city offers so much to discover and enjoy.

Private Boat Rental Mediterranean Holidays in 2013 - Efsane gulet
Private Boat Rental Mediterranean Holidays in 2013 – Efsane gulet

A luxury yacht rental Turkey holiday can also be quite affordable. The term luxury doesn’t necessarily mean that it is out of range. You can easily rent a Turkish sailboat that fits the bill, and still see these breathtaking regions of Southern Turkey.

Caunos Rock Tombs in Dalyan during your luxury boat rental holidays in Turkey
Caunos Rock Tombs in Dalyan during your luxury boat rental holidays in Turkey

If your heart is set on a discover trip by sea, in the spectacular country of Turkey, then look no further than the south. From the Eastern Mediterranean shores of Antalya to the the west, the choice in yacht charter destinations are plentiful. The Carian Coast of Turkey is one region to think about. It starts from the ancient city of Caunos, now known today as the town of Dalyan – where you will find the ruins of a part of the first Carian, then Lycian civilizations. The Lycian Rock Tombs of the Kings is just a riverboat ride away from the Iztuzu beach where your yacht would be anchored. While you are there, it’s not a bad idea to walk around the little town of Dalyan and possibly visit the famous mud baths for a rejuvenating experience!

Turkish sailboat holidays in Oludeniz Fethiye
Turkish sailboat holidays in Oludeniz Fethiye

Further along the Mediterranean coast, another great place to visit is the lovely city of Fethiye. From here you can set course to see a whole variety of wonderful destinations such as Oludeniz (the Dead Sea). Known for its breathtaking turquoise waters, Oludeniz is one of the must-see places in most traveler’s itineraries. It’s also a great place for children on yacht holidays as the beaches are white and sandy and the waters so clear.

Nearby Fethiye, is the charming town of Gocek. An all time favorite port where many yacht charters in Turkey and gulet cruises begin. Although a small town with many little delights, Gocek is host to six major marinas and famous for the Gocek 12 islands route on the way further west. A Turkey yacht charter from Gocek is a superb destination or embarkation point considering that it is only 15 minutes from the Dalaman International airport!

These are just a few ideas to get you started. There are many more amazing yacht charter destinations in Turkey that you can certainly choose from, for your private boat rental Mediterranean holidays in 2013!



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