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Destination Choices in Chartering a Private Yacht in the Mediterranean

Destination Choices in Chartering a Private Yacht in the Mediterranean

The most popular way to enjoy a luxurious seafaring holiday are on board private yacht charters in the Mediterranean Sea. There is a wide selection of yacht rentals in Turkey and the Greek Islands, to discover all the amazing tropical natural beauties in the regions. Spacious, well kept, many designs and sizes, are available for you and your guests’ private yacht charter holidays.

How Can You Determine Your Private Yacht Charter Destinations?

Well that’s easy! What do you want to do on your vacation? What sort of places do you want to see? Have you searched on possible destinations, and if so, which places caught your interest?  Before anyone goes on holidays, whether boat holidays or other, it is good to do a bit of searching. And what better place than the internet.  The thing with destinations and private yacht charters is this:

  • If you choose your destinations first, then a boat charter that is available in those regions will be offered.
  • If you choose the other way around and place more importance in boat, gulet or yacht charter, then again the destinations will be based on the availability and base port of that particular boat – and your route / itinerary will be whichever region that boat serves – basically it’s cruising grounds.

You could make it simple and just pick the boat you like and choose from the itinerary(s) that boat offers. Or for instance, you could say your preferences are to enjoy a private yacht charter in Turkey alone, with short airport transfer time. Then have a look at all the possible options.

Where Do I Embark and Disembark From?

For Turkey, the most popular choices are Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek and Fethiye. There are other harbors but not as many selections in yachts. In Croatia the main harbors with the most in routes is Split and Dubrovnik. Although there is a route that also includes embarking from Rovinj. As for the Greek Islands, depending on which part of the island groups you prefer to cruise the harbors most common and easiest are in the Dodecanese; namely Rhodes and Kos. But say if you were to cruise the Ionians, it would be Corfu – and the Cyclades would be the harbors in the islands of Mykonos and Santorini.

Inquire with your yacht charter agent for the possibilities available, make a group decision, book your trip and then enjoy your holidays!

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