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We no longer offer Cabin Charters. Only Private Gulet charters.

If you have even pondered the thought of a blue cruise, then these splendid gulet cabin charter holidays are an affordable alternative to private yacht charters.  These cruises are offered from the month of May right up until October while the sea is still quite lovely to enjoy.

There are gulets that are either with or without air conditioning, and this makes a difference in the gulet cruise prices. With cabin charter blue cruises guests share the same gulet with other guests however have their own private cabin accommodation with en suites.  The gulets that are generally offered are standard or luxury class gulets and availability on these tours can change by the minute, especially during the season. Therefore when inquiring about certain itineraries it is best to find out the latest status on the tours and then book shortly afterwards as the cabins  do get filled up quickly.

Sometimes travellers cannot gather a group large enough to hire a private yacht. Therefore the best alternative choice in order to enjoy all those incredible destinations on a blue cruise holiday is to join a cabin charter.

Gulet Cabin Charters

What are the differences between yacht cabin charters and private gulet cruises?

While the obvious is that gulet cabin charters are shared blue cruises, private gulet charters are for only the group that rents the whole boat. The advantage in a blue cruise cabin charter is mainly the price. It is less in cost on a per person basis at most times and includes a full board menu, with drinks being extra.  Alternatively private gulet charters may be a bit more in cost, however there are more personalized services for the group that has hired the boat. Sometimes, and this depends on the gulet, private charters can work out to be in and around the same price as a blue cruise cabin charter. What can determine this is the number of people sharing the cost, the gulet boat, and possibly the itinerary.

Gulet cabins in standard boats are comfortable but do not expect luxury. These are basic accommodation, clean and looked after. While some guests will absolutely love blue cruise cabin charter and willing to go again, others may find that it is not for them – afterall you are sharing the same boat with other people you do not know. However, on the bright side, it is a great way of making new friends. Sometimes it great to go as a couple or on your own and still enjoy the pleasures of the Turkish coastline as well as the Greek Islands. These are holidays mainly spent doing things, going places, participating in activities, going shopping and discovering different cultures and historical places.

All in all these yacht holidays in Turkey is what you make it. The whole objective is to relax and have a great time. So why not try a blue cruise holiday this season and have some fun in the sun!

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