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How To Get The Best Price On Boat Charters In The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean. A very big region. Thousands of charter boats available. Where to start? Well if we pinpoint to the Eastern Mediterranean, key destinations could include the countries of Turkey, Greece and Croatia. Now that’s a great selection of boating charters to choose from. There are numerous ways to obtain the best prices on boat charters.

Boats in Gemiler Island Turkey
Boats in Gemiler Island Turkey

Booking early offers plenty of benefits. The earlier you book, tends to perk a higher discount since the boat owner is filling up chartering periods much sooner and not have to think about these weeks during the season. Also the traveler is getting not only the price advantage but also a better choice in boats to charter from. There are travelers who even book a year in advance. Needless to say there is a limit to how low you can rent a boat for. However, it’s usually a favorable discount.

Aborda Gulet charter in Croatia 7 cabin 14 Person sailboat rental in the Adriatic Sea
Aborda Gulet charter in Croatia 7 cabin 14 Person sailboat rental in the Adriatic Sea

Another option for boat chartering is to leave it all to the last minute. This favors well for a discount as well. Not much for selection since most of the popular boat charters – such as in Turkish gulets, are fully booked. But there are boats available, moored at the harbor, waiting to get a booking so as not to stay anchored empty. Amazing prices can be offered for the right boat at the right time – provided the boat owner finds it feasible. Not every charter boat owner is willing to strip his/her price just to fill up the empty period.

Mediterranean gulet boat charter holidays in the Gulf of Fethiye - Zephyria II
Mediterranean gulet boat charter holidays in the Gulf of Fethiye – Zephyria II

Quick pointer: Too much shopping around between agents for a particular boat by name per say, may not be in the travelers favor. The more times a boat is asked about for availability the lower the chances the boat owner will drop the price to rock bottom. A good number of agents to shop between shouldn’t really pass 3.

Skiathos Island - Sporades - Greece
Skiathos Island – Sporades – Greece

Search wise. Make sure that when you are looking for a boat to charter in the Mediterranean, it meets with your requirements. Sometimes a discount cannot be expected to go as low as you may think, and if it does, think twice about compromise. The lower the price the better the deal isn’t always the end result. Sometimes too low a discount may option a sacrificing on crew and/or service quality.



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