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A Classic Turkish Gulet. A Genuine Local Crew. An Agent’s Review.

As always, it was time to revisit another one of these lovely Turkish classics. This time we spent some time on board the Yorgun I gulet. She was anchored in Marmaris harbor on a hot June afternoon. We were greeted by a sincere crew, also locals of the area. We were offered refreshing drinks to beat the heat on a hot Summers’ day in June. The Yorgun I, is your typical wooden gulet and quite charming, we thought.  After a few thirst quenching sips, it was time for a tour to see what we would be offering our clients this season.

Yorgun I gulet sunning area
Yorgun I gulet sunning area

Starting from the aft we toured all the cabins.  Well maintained and clean. It was a surprise visit, so to see it when there were no guests or any preparation for guests was a bonus for us.  Except for the obvious visual reasons, you could tell you were on a gulet from the scent of wood all around inside. We were pleased with the overall condition. A traditional gulet great for Mediterranean boat charters. For the affordability, guests can easily spend time on board comfortable floating accommodation with air conditioning (definitely required in June, July and August… and possibly in September).

Fore deck area of Yorgun I gulet in Marmaris
Fore deck area of Yorgun I gulet in Marmaris

There really is no saloon yet there is a table and seating area across from the galley. During summer guests tend to spend a very good portion of their days outdoors. But the table is there for those wishing to take a break from the heat. Of course, a dive into the refreshing waters of the sea is better!

2013 crew of Yorgun I gulet
2013 crew of Yorgun I gulet. Left Captain Bulent Varol, Cook Onder Acar, Sailor / Service Suat Uysal.

Now it was time to speak to the crew. Totaling 3, we sat with Captain Bulent Varol. Then spoke to the cook, Onder Acar. Lastly enjoyed a brief conversation with sailor and service crew member, Suat Uysal. While the crew were a quiet bunch and very polite. This is certainly ideal for guests who are seeking privacy and to be left alone most times to do as they please during the leisure time on board – without the crew around all the time.

Aft lounging cushions - great for reading, relaxing and napping
Aft lounging cushions – great for reading, relaxing and napping

Highly courteous, professional, knowledgeable were just a few of the wonderful traits that made up the crew.  We were pleased. More details of the crew is possible by contacting yachtsngulets.com. Overall positive evaluation for value, quality and experience of the crew and gulet.  The Yorgun I gulet is certainly a gulet that a group of up to 12 can consider to enjoy a very beautiful blue cruise charter from Turkey.

Double cabin - Yorgun I gulet
Double cabin – Yorgun I gulet
Yorgun I gulet in Marmaris Turkey
Yorgun I gulet in Marmaris Turkey
Yorgun I gulet - alfresco dining aft
Yorgun I gulet – alfresco dining aft


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