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6 Good Travel Tips For Mediterranean Blue Cruises in 2014

Whether you are new to blue cruises or have been on a cruise before, below are a few traveling tips that you may find interesting to know.

The number one issue on board Turkish boat charters in the economic/standard and luxury classes, is language. This is a common issue with many other countries around the world, as English is not the mother tongue. Therefore it is suggested that you bring along a small pocket-sized English-Turkish language book with you on your trip. It may be a bit of fun to learn a few words of Turkish!  If you can’t make it to the book store, these little books are usually sold in airport shops.

Nowadays it seems that internet access is a major part of most people’s lives – even while on holidays. Although many gulets provide one form of internet access whether via a USB connection or Wi-Fi; there are some boats in the standard and luxury classes that may not have it available. Also, since you are out at sea, there can be rural areas that may not have a clear connection or connection at all. It might be an idea to also have an internet connect available on your mobile devices in the event you cannot access the internet during your travels.

If this is your first time on a gullet, or the first time you are boarding a new choice of gulet; you may like to get to know your charter boat crew and your crew to know you and your guests. Although you fill out a Client Preferences List through your agent, with information pertaining to your likes and dislikes, food preferences, etc.; communicating with your crew for times you wish to have your meals, snacks during the day, access to drinks and other requests will make the service process easier. By doing so, you are that one step further in your crew knowing how and when you wished to be served.

As each blue cruise charter holiday is different from the next, there may or may not be times where communication and understanding could be an issue. If you or your guests need assistance, contacting your agent during and not after your trip is very important. Your agent is there to be available at all times during your holidays at sea. If you prefer not to use your own phone, contact through the captain’s mobile phone is definitely possible. It’s better to discuss a situation, find a solution if necessary, during the trip rather than wait until the last day.

Depending on the time of year you are traveling, there are times when the weather can be unpredictable. This is especially true when you have booked months or a year in advance. It is suggested to bring extra type of clothing in the event the weather changes when you are at sea.  You could also check the weather online for a one week forecast of the region you will be traveling in.

Itinerary changes are common in gullet blue cruises. These types of alterations can arise for a variety of reasons. Is there a plan B in cases when routes or itineraries change? It depends on the current situation. Again this is where your agent or the captain can assist at that moment in time and help come up with an alternative plan so that you can enjoy the remainder of your vacation.

These are common points in boat charters in Turkey for blue cruises.  Communication is the key.  Providing plenty of information to your agent and crew about you and your group preferences are important for a successful boat holiday. Boat vacations are meant to be an easy going very relaxed holiday style and there is always a solution available for a variety of issues which can arise during your trip.

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