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3 Popular Reasons To Book A Gulet Charter Cruise In Turkey

Each year many holidaymakers look forward to that time of year when they go abroad for a vacation to get away from the standard routine life; and discover a new part of the world, relax, have fun and enjoy a time away from home. Usually flights are booked, airport transfers are setup and a hotel room is reserved for accommodation in the chosen destination. Upon arrival at the hotel, there is a settling in period, a bit of relaxation from the flight; until the actual part of the holiday begins. Things that might be on the agenda could include a stroll about, to see the city, town or village that you are staying in, book a few land excursions or a daily boat trip – depending on where you are, visit a few places of interest and take in the the holiday pleasure – from one location.

Marmaris yacht charter holidays on board a gulet from the harbor
Marmaris yacht charter holidays on board a gulet from the harbor

Yacht Charter Destinations

But what if you didn’t need to do all that other planning after the arrival to your hotel? What if these spectacular places, excursions and places of interest were readily available from the moment you woke up in the morning – practically right by you. Even better, what if you woke up to a new location each day and possibly completed your day in another? Well this is what you can expect when you change your accommodation and book a gulet charter holiday in Turkey. Traveling on a private blue cruise in Turkey offers so much more than if you were to stay stationary in a hotel. As for the cost, it can cost just as much, or less, or a bit more. It all depends on the luxury gulet charter you have decided to hire. The itineraries to choose from, can range anywhere from 8 to many more destinations, to explore on your holidays.

Mediterranean yacht charter in Fethiye - Oludeniz paragliding
Mediterranean yacht charter in Fethiye – Oludeniz paragliding
Aegean yacht charter from Turkey - Greek Islands
Aegean yacht charter from Turkey – Greek Islands

Blue Cruise Dining on a Luxury Yacht Charter

It’s one thing to sit in the dining area of your hotel and eat your meals or standard full board buffet, morning, noon and night without the guarantee that you will enjoy it with any scenery.  On the other hand, it’s a totally breathtaking experience to actually be enjoying your delicious meals in the aft (in shade) or fore (uncovered and front) area of your gulet, as the sunrises, and while it sets; surrounded with incredible scenery that you just don’t have the chance to see any day.

Blue cruise dining at sea - Yucebey I gulet
Blue cruise dining at sea – Yucebey I gulet

Swimming, Snorkelling, Diving with a Private Gulet Holiday

Yes, you can do all that when you stay in a hotel. But you need to be transported to access these activities. Alternatively you can easily do all these activities as well as other water sport activities, right from your private yacht charter. Just jump right in! As for the diving part, a company that organizes these diving trips is arranged beforehand so that they are there when you arrive at the bay listed  on your itinerary.

Marmaris gulet holidays and scuba diving fun
Marmaris gulet holidays and scuba diving fun

Well there you have it. Three popular reasons for your next holidays on board a gulet charter in Turkey. Do you think it’s time to make a change to your standard holiday style and take the plunge? 🙂

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