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3 Good Reasons for a Turkey Yacht Charter from Gocek

3 Good Reasons for a Turkey Yacht Charter from Gocek

Situated between the realms of Fethiye and Dalyan or historically; Telmessos and Caunos, the town of Gocek is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Southern Turkey. It is a dream paradise for yachtsmen and blue cruise travelers from around the globe. Although is holds a very small population even during the peak season of tourism in Turkey and small in land area; Gocek is host to 6 high standard marinas. These are namely, Club Marina, Skopea Marina, Municipality Marinas, Marinturk Gocek Village Port, Marinturk Gocek Exclusive and Port Gocek Marina*.  As such it is a haven for sailing and yachting enthusiasts from all parts of the world.  There are a great many reasons why travelers choose to embark on their luxury yacht charter Turkey vacations from the breathtaking port of Gocek.  However among the many, there are 3 main and good reasons why Gocek can be the number one choice to begin your Turkey yacht charter holidays for a delightful exploration and discovery of the myriad of jewels found along the  timeless shores of the Turkish Mediterranean.

Gocek’s  Close Proximity to the Dalaman Airport

The town of Gocek is located off the Dalaman – Fethiye highway. Until the year 2006, prior to the construction of the 980 meter long tunnel, was a very windy road to reach Gocek town. The time it took from the Dalaman airport was about 40 minutes. Which, was still not too bad but the road was not a major highway so therefore drivers had to be cautious due to how narrow the road was. Now with the tunnel, it not only saves time to reach Gocek, but it also is substantially safer. Although there is a toll fee required to drive through this tunnel.

The Dalaman International Airport serves many nearby cities and towns as well as villages within the Mugla province. These include the cities of Fethiye, Marmaris and sometimes Bodrum. Travelers have known to go as far as to Antalya from the Dalaman airport. However among all these places, the nearest town or city is Gocek. It’s a mere 15 minute drive from the airport to the town itself which centres around the port.

More Itineraries to Choose From in Gocek

Gocek resides in the Mediterranean sea. It is in close proximity to many other bays and harbor nearby. The most popular of itineraries chosen from yacht charters beginning from Gocek are routes to the 12 Islands, Marmaris, Fethiye, and Kekova in the Antalya province.  If guests have allocated a two week yacht charter holiday in Turkey, rather than the standard one week holiday, itineraries can extend as far as Bodrum with the Gocek – Marmaris – Bodrum route to the west.  If the itinerary is set to the Eastern Mediterranean, then the route; Gocek – Kekova – Antalya would generally be the selection for a yacht holiday itinerary.

Not Overwhelmed with Mass Tourism Traffic

Generally during the Spring and Summer months, running from April to the end of October, Gocek is not effected with a great deal of permanent visitor traffic in the water, compared to that of other ports along the nearby coast. The town is quite small, therefore there is a good volume of passerby traffic. This is ideal for travelers who are keen on enjoying a peaceful and non-congested holiday at sea in and around the Gocek region.

Why not consider Mediterranean yacht charter holidays from the charming port of Gocek, Turkey for your next vacation at sea!

*Ref: wikipedia

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